With the RiskNow SaaS-platform
easily comply with

NEN7510, NEN7512, NEN7513


With the RiskNow SaaS platform, you as a healthcare institution or supplier in the healthcare industry wil be compliant in no time!

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Bye bye complexity

Information security is sometimes made unnecessarily complicated by the introduction of a lot of paperwork. With RiskNow, the management cycle (plan-do-check-act) is in one system and key steps are recorded, including:

With the RiskNow platform, you can demonstrate to auditors and supervisors such as the Inspectorate for Health Care and Youth (IGJ) that you are "in control".

NEN 7510

Information Security in Healthcare

NEN 7512

Trust basis for data exchange

NEN 7513

Logging - Recording of actions on electronic patient records

Suitable for everyone

RiskNow is easy to use and suitable for all employees.

Collaborate easily

The RiskNow platform allows employees involved in the risk and control process to collaborate easily. Whether they are Directors, Team Leaders, Security, Risk or Compliance Officers or other employees, RiskNow is user-friendly and suitable for all employees.


RiskNow is action-oriented, which means that it is always clear who should do what and when.

Consultancy & Partners

Need support with your risk, compliance or security project? RiskNow has its own consultants and an extensive network of partners who can support with your risk and compliance project.


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