Business Risk
& Control Frameworks

Make your business operations easily verifiable in control


With the RiskNow SaaS platform, you can easily manage all risks and control measures in processes and systems.


Develop your own risk & control framework

More and more organizations want to be able to demonstrate that they are “in control”. In RiskNow, you can set up your own risk & control framework and periodically test whether these controls work. This can be used as the basis for issuing an “in control statement”.

Monitoring of controls regardless of the location of your employees

How do you know if all controls are still functioning adequately when employees work from home? With RiskNow, you can monitor all internal controls regardless of the location of employees. The RiskNow SaaS platform can be easily accessed with an internet connection.


Clear status overviews

In RiskNow, you can see at a glance all controls and their status. Deviations are clearly marked.


The RiskNow SaaS platform is user-friendly and can be used by any employee.

RiskNow Consultants and Auditors

RiskNow has a large network of experienced consultants and auditors who can assist you in setting up your risk & control framework.

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