Easily comply with

Baseline Information Security Government

With the RiskNow SaaS-platform you’ll be compliant in no time!

Bye bye complexity

Information security is sometimes made unnecessarily complex. At RiskNow, we focus on the things that matter and provide organisation with one system for all of the steps in the management cycle:

The Baseline Information Security Government (BIO) is included in RiskNow and organisations can easily demonstrate compliance.

Collaborate easily

The RiskNow platform allows employees involved in the risk and control process to collaborate easily. Whether they are Directors, Team Leaders, Security, Risk or Compliance Officers or other employees, RiskNow is user-friendly and suitable for all employees.


RiskNow is action-oriented, which means that it is always clear who should do what and when.

With the RiskNow platform, you can quickly report on the status of the subjects in the BIO.

Security-Officer as-a-Service

As part of the BIO, it is important that internal audits and controls are carried out around information security. Often This responsibility is often assigned to the Security Officer.
If you do not have a Security Officer in your organisation, you can also use our you can also (temporarily or permanently) make use of our Security Officer-as-a-Service services. This will bring knowledge and capacity in-house without having to appoint a full-time employee right away.


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