With the RiskNow platform
easily comply with

& SOC2

With the RiskNow SaaS-platform, you can easily achieve ISO27001-certification and SOC2-reporting within 6 months.


Save time and money with an integrated approach

By choosing an integrated approach, you save time and money. Do you want to obtain an ISO27001 certificate first and then a SOC2-report? That is possible, we’ll ensure that the control framework is immediately “SOC2-ready”.

Of course you can also choose for only ISO27001 or only SOC2.

Bye bye complexity

Information security is sometimes made unnecessarily complex by entering a lot of paperwork. At RiskNow, the management cycle is central (plan do-check-act). All important steps are recorded in RiskNow including:


Compliance overviews

Overviews and reports provide a quick insight into the extent to which you comply with ISO27001 / ISO27002 / SOC2 (AICPA Trust Service Criteria)

Clear tasks, owners and deadlines

With RiskNow you set clear tasks, owners and deadlines. As a Risk, Security or Compliance Manager, you can see at a glance who should do what.

RiskNow Consultants en Auditors

RiskNow has a large network of experienced consultants and auditors who can support you with your ISO27001 / SOC2 project.

Security Officer-as-a-Service

As part of ISO27001/SOC2, it is important that internal audits review are performed on information security. This responsibility is often assigned to the Security Officer. If you do not have a Security Officer in your organization, you can also (temporarily or permanently) use our Security Officer-as-a-Service. This allows you to acquire knowledge and capacity without having to immediately appoint a full-time employee.

ISO27001-reference control areas

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SOC2 / Trust Service Criteria


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